What it Takes to Become a Leader

Leaders of the world have to consider peace in all their decisions on a daily basis.

Some world leaders in disputed countries need to have peace in their nations while fortunate once need to keep it peaceful. Keeping peace is a task for all of the use but the pressure is stronger for our leaders.They are pressured to keep social and economic stability while facing distracting problems.This is a humongous and difficult task.Many issues can be affected by divisive factors such as race, gender, religion, and culture.There are so many to put up with.

There are many other problems that present themselves in front of our leaders and we can show our leaders support to eliminate the divisive factors.

There are many people that can be considered as leaders of the world including parliament members, statesman, mayors, governors, legal officers and even policemen.Church heads are considered world leaders, too.But some of them are corrupt and are using their place in society to their benefit to the expense of others.

Today, it is a bit frustrating because more and more leaders are being corrupt.Sadly, corrupt leaders of the world are not programmed for public service.Then, who are the ones who can be leaders of the world?

A fitting world leader should be decent, commendable, approachable and pure. Those who are considered pure leaders have clean conscience and morality.Leaders are considered lovely if they are likeable and relatable.Laders are considered esteemed by the people.They usually doing good things for the public.

Here are some characteristics that great leaders should possess.


If a person is not honest, he or she should not be a leader.Leaders should be truthful to the core.Despite being honest, there are easy ways to break it like hypocrisy.

Therefore, there's a need to safeguard one's credibility when it comes to honesty.This means the inside and outside of the person is pure.Meaning what you are in public is also the same in private.That you behave based on your deep seated values.Your words are taken as a promise.Integrity is built on the commitment to uphold and maintain one's values.

Sometimes, it can cause inconveniences.People, by nature commit mistakes.But practice makes a person make the right choices to become trustworthy.If there's dishonesty then one cannot be trusted.Leaders are captivated by a sense of purpose and they make decisions based on that.

Vision is important because it gives leaders a picture of the future that they wanted to commit to.A passionate leader believes in goals that he so much believes up to the core.Some leaders just become exceptional because of their visions.

Leaders are not ashamed of showing their concern.Good leaders are happy if their people succeed.They don't take for granted the people who help them achieve goals. There is no way they will use others for their own benefits.
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